Lectio Divina

Susan really captures the essence of the Lord’s prayer in this modern version. Beautifully done!

Susan Irene Fox

The Lord’s Prayer Redux

Matthew 6:9-13


Oh, my sweet, heavenly Father,

I gaze upon and am marveled by

Your creation and glory this morning.

The symmetry and patterns of a single leaf

are revealed in the rising of Your sun.

Please let Your kingdom come upon

this tired, fearful, broken, violent earth

just as Your supreme, compassionate,

restorative will reigns in heaven.

Father, please help save us from ourselves.

Please let those who have resources provide

food and clothes to those who do not,

for they were given those resources

by You for this very purpose.

Please keep me away from sin and temptation

that arises from my own choices;

help me to make the right choices when I am

confronted by temptation not of my own making.

Please keep the enemy and his demons far away from me;

You know I have enough of my own to content with.

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