Knowing His Love

It’s not hard to explain

The love I have inside

For Jesus Christ my Lord

The one they crucified

He took away my sin

The day he bled and died

And when He rose again

He gave eternal life


His love fills me with joy

And that abundantly

This joy that lasts all day

And always comforts me

No circumstance can change

This joy that’s deep in me

It bubbles out in love

For all the world to see


His peace is always there

To brighten up my day

It keeps me safe and sound

Wherever I may stray

I never have to worry

When trials come my way

Because His peace is there

It gives me strength to pray


I’ll never lose the hope

Of heaven that’s ahead

My future is secure

I will not fear or dread

When all of life is gone

And to most I will be dead

My hope has made a mansion

Where I will rest my head


This poem could go on

For days and even years

Listing all the ways

His love is oh so dear

And all the benefits

He whispers in my ear

My prayer is that you’ll come to know

The love this poem shares

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