I Will

I will praise Him
No matter how I feel
I will give Him glory
Because His love is real
I will praise Him
Every single day
Worship Him forever
Lift His Holy name
If I praise Him just for blessings
My praise will oft fall short
Because some days just bring trials
It’s a promise from His word
If I praise Him just for healing
There’ll be times I’ll not sing out
Because illness can be lingering
And it may just steal my shout
But when I praise Him just because
He’s the Lord of heaven and earth
There is nothing that can blind me
To all that He is worth
He is more than blessings
More than healings,
More than life.
He’s the great creator
Of the earth
And all the skies.
So the next time tour day isn’t
What you planned for it to be
Just lift your hands and praise Him
And His glory you shall see
And all your trials and troubles
Will soon seem oh so small
The God of all creation
Is the master of them all.p


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