Let My Words

Let my words be graceful every day
That whoever hears is blessed
Let me speak only what edifies
That the hearer will lift up his eyes

Let my words bring peace to troubled souls
Comfort in their darkest times
Let me speak only what soothes their pain
So that they might lift your name again

Let my words bring joy where sorrow lurks
That will bubble up inside
Let me speak only what brings a smile
To their saddened face for just a while

Let my words bring hope to those in doubt
That will build their confidence
Let me speak only what their souls need
So that once again through faith they’ll see

Let my words bring love to everyone
That they’ll know my Savior’s heart
Let me speak encouragement to them
That they’ll lift their praise to Him again

This poem was inspired by Ephesians 4:29
Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.

Writing the Words

I am so thankful I found this place
Where writers write words every day
I read when I can and make comments
As I scroll down through each page

There really is no opposition
Only friends who are willing to share
I would say out interrelationship
Is a group that really cares

We care about being uplifting
When we give one another our praise
I enjoy every word that is written
As a comment on words that I say

This simple poem is my way
To say thanks to all of you
For reading each day that you can
And writing the words that you do


In response to the daily prompts https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/08/27/your-daily-word-prompt-interrelationship-august-27th-2018/

in response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/08/26/your-daily-word-prompt-opposition-august-26th-2018/

Always Be Kind

As life goes on by us each day
We all have to find a way
To be at peace
And keep others at ease
In hard times and even in play

Our words should be kind and sweet
Our demeanor should not be elite
Amicable smiles
Will carry us miles
As each day one another we greet

I pray that you’ll always be kind
True and honest all of the time
For then we will see
How great life can be
If we’ll only take hold of our mind

In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/06/23/a-new-daily-post-word-prompt-june-23rd-2018-word-amicable/

A Mouthpiece for Jesus

What’s it about oh Lord my God
These words you give to me
Each day that goes by bring more and more
They never seem to cease

I write only what I hear from you
I write at those times you speak
Your voice comes so gentle yet so clear
As your presence I do seek

Sometimes it’s a poem of rhythmic gait
Sometimes it is in free verse
Sometimes it’s a song and melody
Sometimes it’s a chorus of praise

You then have my post on the blog as you ask
Then onto my Facebook page
With the mission complete I pray they will touch
Many lives with your wisdom that day

But what’s it about to you my Lord
What is it that you require
Am I doing all that I can do
Because that is my heart’s desire

My son just keep on listening and writing my words
Your mission is clear as day
I’ve chosen you to be a mouthpiece of mine
To show all my children my ways

You have been faithful in so many ways
Through good times and horrible trials
You’ve listened and written with joy in your heart
The words that have brought many smiles

I’ll keep asking you to write down these words
As sure as the sun will rise
Don’t worry about the timing or length
And don’t be concerned with the whys

You are reaching a people I love very much
With words that they need to hear
And it will continue as long as you keep
A longing and attentive ear

With that I bowed down and wept in my heart
As I realized my task
I’ll write every word for your benefit
Because that us what He has asked

And all of your likes and comments each day
Will bring blessings that never depart
I’ll know beyond doubt that He’s working through me
To bring joy and peace into your hear

I thank you my Lord for the mercy you’ve shown
To make me a Psalmist for you
Forever I offer myself as your scribe
Do with me as you want to do.

Mercy Pulled Me Through

So many times
My words have been harsh
My voice has been hard
My transgression large
So many times
That I cannot count
His mercy has pulled me through

So many times
My actions have harmed
My life did not charm
My soul cried alarm
So many times
That I have lost count
His mercy has pulled me through

Through all my failures
Through all my doubts
Through my iniquities
He brought me out
Through every time
I failed to show love
His mercy pulled me through

So from now on
I will be kind
I’ll help those in need
I’ll pray all the time
For everyone
He puts on my heart
That mercy will pull them through

His mercy is free
He placed it in me
I must let it shine
All of the time

Through all my failures
Through all my doubts
Through my iniquities
He brought me out
Through every time
I failed to show love
His mercy pulled me through

Warm Words

We live our lives from day to day
We go about our work and play
We laugh and joke with words we say
Not knowing what they do

So often words that we will speak
Will open wounds within the weak
Their toxic sound makes hearers weep
In quiet solitude

I come to you this Easter morn
I pray that your words will be warm
That they will not bring any harm
To those you meet today

Guard carefully the things you say
Make sure they never bring dismay
May only good words be your way
From now forevermore



In response to the daily prompt Toxic

Words in Due Time

This world is a quite often cruel
A place where our trust meets the test
We reach out in love
Then feel a quick shove
Pushing away all our best

Then others will be nice to you
They will speak gentle words so kind
But just turn your back
They take those words back
You’re betrayed by their words in due time

When we follow Jesus He loves us
With a love that is tender and true
We can trust in Him
Through thick and through thin
He’ll never once betray you


In response to the daily prompt Betrayed

Glory to God

Where can I go
What can I do
How can I speak
And bring glory to you

What is the plan
Where does it lead
When will I learn
To bring glory to you

Every word I speak
Everything I do
Every action is seen by the world
Life’s full of worries
Doubts still abound
My calm reactions will speak out so loud

Peace in the storms
Joy in the valleys
Love in the midst of a sarcastic crowd
Patience in suffering
Faith that won’t quit
All these shout glory to God out loud

Glory to God who sits on the throne
Glory to God who reigns
Glory to God the great three in one
Glory to God
Let’s give Him all praise

Where ever I go
Whatever I do
However I speak
I’ll bring glory to you

For this is your plan
That leads me along
Because I have learned
To bring glory to you

Glory to God who sits on the throne
Glory to God who reigns
Glory to God the great three in one
Glory to God
Let’s give Him all praise


I often come up with wonderful plans
Of when I should go and when I should stand
But most of the time those plans are in place
I find myself falling flat on my face

I’m not very good at thinking real clear
The words that I say are not what they hear
My plan makes me say thing I should not
They cause those around me to grow rather hot

I cry to the Lord please help me to speak
It’s your words I want and your plan I seek
Whenever I revert to ways of my own
I find that I’m closer to being disowned

Your gentle sweet voice echoes soft in my ear
I quiet way down so you I can hear
You tell me to stop and follow your ways
Things will be better in upcoming days

I hope that I will learn something from this
That is my prayer and that is my wish
To follow His plan every day of my life
I will not get lost and peace will be mine

If you find you are wand’ring through life on your own
And the snares are around you outside or at home
Listen to Jesus and follow His plan
He’ll firmly guide you with His gentle hand