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His Still Small Voice

When I hear Jesus calling, I just listen 
To hear what He will say to me today 
I know that His kind words will bring fulfillment
And will help me as I follow in His way 

There is not a time that Jesus is not speaking 
His voice is soft and gentle every time 
He is hoping that you'll train your ear to listen 
As He speaks to you in words of truth and life

Not in the fire
Not in the wind 
Not in the earthquake does He call my name
But when we're still 
When we're ready to hear
His still small voice will be loud and clear

Jesus is waiting for your ears to hear
His words are there if you'll just lend an ear
Be still and know that He's Lord of all
His voice will come and settle your storm


His words bring peace 
His words bring joy 
His words bring healing
Deliverance is yours
His words bring hope
His words bring love
His words will guide 
When you listen real close