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Turn Around

I was wandering in the wilderness this morning
Wondering if my life was headed for a fall
Then I heard a gentle voice
Saying “Son you have a choice.
You can walk away or answer to my call.”
I had never thought I’d leave my precious Savior
But it seemed my life was spinning out of place
I was walking really slow
Then my legs began to bow
Soon I found that I had fallen on my face
I’m not sure how I got down on my knees
But I knew the Lord would hear my heartfelt pleas
I lifted up my voice
And I started to rejoice
For all the mercy He had shown to me
It was not uncommon that He’d speak to me
I heard His voice most every single day
And I always have a choice
To heard His gentle voice
Or to walk into the wilderness my way
I slowly raised myself up off the ground
Decided I would quickly turn around
I headed back to Him
From the place that I had been
To find the place where love and peace abound

This Is My Lord

A light into the darkness
A shelter from the storm
A river in the desert
This is my Lord

A healer to the hurting
A comfort when I mourn
A hope for all the hopeless
This is my Lord

A way when there is no way
A still small voice to warn
A peace in time of trouble
This is my Lord

A shaper of my future
A mender when I’m torn
A teacher of the righteous
This is my Lord

A friend when I am lonely
A truth when I am scorned
A rock and firm foundation
This is my Lord

A thousand years from now
He is who I’ll adore
My Savior and redeemer
This is my Lord