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Nowhere But The Cross

I’ve searched the whole world over to find an inner peace
I’ve travelled through the nations to find joy that would not cease
I’ve looked up to the heavens to find a hope that settled me
But I found these are nowhere but the cross
I put my trust in doctors to heal my earthly pains
I’ve worked through much exhaustion for money I could gain
I’ve been in plays and speeches to see if I’d find fame
But I found these are nowhere but the cross
The cross provides my healing
The cross provides my peace
The cross will give me joy that will never ever cease
The cross gives hope forever
And love eternally
If I want that life abundantly
There is nowhere but the cross
I’ve had dreams and premonitions that did not satisfy
All that I have wanted and all that I desire
Is to find that special place where Jesus does abide
And that is found nowhere but the cross

Down on my knees before you
Down on my knees in prayer
Lifting up holy hands
Giving you all my praise
Humbly I ask forgiveness
Honestly open my heart
Come Holy Spirit and heal me
Here at the foot of the cross

I want to find that special place
Where Jesus does abide
I know it’s found
Nowhere but the cross