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The Believers Life

Treasures in Heaven

I used to seek fame and fortune
My friends were what mattered to me
I’d laugh and I’d smile
I was high all the while
In their favor I wanted to be

Now my life values are different
Pleasing God is what matters to me
The one that I seek
Is truly unique
Just like Christ know want to be

This world has some treasures of dust
Their future is dim and bleak
What I will lay up
Will not corrupt
It is treasures in heaven for me

In response to the daily prompt

Faithful and True

I can’t depend on the things of this world
Here today and gone tomorrow
But I can depend on one faithful and true
For He’ll never leave me in sorrow

I can not depend on myself even now
I so often don’t know what I need
But Jesus knows just what is right for my life
So His dependent I’ll be

In response to the daily prompt

The Believers Life

Do You Feel Special?

I can’t remember when I felt so special
As the day that I asked Jesus in my heart
I felt His love come in
As He wiped away my sin
And now I know I never will depart

You see I never thought that I was someone
Who had a very unique call to live
But He showed me the way
As He guided me each day
To the calling He had meant for me to fill

Perhaps you have never felt important
Maybe you just feel you disappear
Just come to Jesus Christ
And He’ll transform your life
You’ll find you have a purpose every year

In response to the daily prompt

The Believers Life

My Friends

I have many friends In Iowa
Who help me in time of need
But my very best friend in all the world
Lives down in Tennessee

But closer to me than him
Is my wife of 40 years
She has stood by my side through so many times
Through laughter and through tears

But the nearest of all to my heart and soul
Is Jesus Christ my Savior and Lord
There is no greater friends that you ever will have
Trust Him today and I know you’ll be glad

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The Believers Life

Rue the Day

This world does not respect the truth
It often can’t define it
So when we bring Good News to them
We innovate to share it

We make sure that they understand
That this one truth will save
And if they balk and go their way
In time they’ll rue the day

I urge you to pick up God’s Word
And read the stories over
If you will open up your heart
My God will show His glory

In response to the daily prompt

The Believers Life


He placed the stars in heaven
He called them all by name
He formed them as we see them
They’ll always be the same

Just to make us wonder
He takes one at a time
He makes a supernova
That really does outshine

I have to be real careful
That my light shines just right
I cannot let pride get me
To cause it to shine bright

But if my Lord is leading
And my line should flash high
I must be humbly thankful
And leave Him to decide

It’s not my place to self-promote
Or make myself stand out
I’ll give my God the glory
Whenever my light shouts

In response to the daily prompt

The Believers Life

From Sad to Glad

My wife and I are planning
To reside here many years
But fact is we are aging
And we do not like the stairs

We changed a season room
Into some closet space
And moved my wife’s whole bedroom
To take our dining place

The bathroom was expanded
And our future plans are made
We’ll renovate the living room
Open concept will invade

I wake up daily thinking
That the task is way to grand
For a guy who can cause trouble
With a hammer in his hand

Many years ago I thought the same
About my wayward life
I was sinking mighty fast
Into a cesspool of delight

I had to do some changing
And I needed help with that
So I asked the Lord to help me
Gave my life to Him at last

He started transform my life
And renovate my mind
It happened as I read His Word
Now I praise Him all the time

Perhaps your trapped this day
In a place that makes you sad
Ask Jesus for some help today
And He will make you glad

In response to the daily prompt

The Believers Life

Tune of Life

Every day I sound a tune
With all I say and all I do
What others see
And hear from me
Will tell them who I did choose

I used to sound a party song
And all my friends came right along
A song of doubt
My heart did shout
My life style made me feel alone

Now I sound out praise and joy
Every day I am employed
By His sweet grace
I have been saved
I now belong to Christ my Lord

We all are instruments in life
We play a tune from deep inside
I hope God holds
Your heart and soul
So you will play a tune of life

In response to the daily prompt

Witness and Testimony

No Longer Silent

Too often
I am too private
With my witness for Jesus Christ
I don’t share His message
Or speak of His love
Or pray for the sick
Or visit the ones in need

It’s time to go public
To be more upfront
To tell of His goodness and love
To pray when I see a need
To visit my neighbor
To offer help
No longer be silent
But bold in His witness
Uplifting the name of the Lord

In response to the daily prompt