Jesus Returns

Judgment Day

The heavens shall be open
A white horse shall appear
The man who sits upon him
Brings both judgment and war

His eyes are like a fire
His head bore many crowns
Clothed in garments dipped in blood
The Word of God He’s called

The armies of all heaven
Will follow Him this day
White horses will they ride upon
White garments will array

The fowls of the earth are called
To feast upon all flesh
And all who do remain on earth
Will meet a forecast death

If you are not familiar
With the words I’ve written here
Revelation nineteen ten
Is where you start to read

I do not share to frighten to
Because not all are doomed
There is a way of being saved
From all this talk of gloom

Make Jesus Christ your Lord and King
He is the only way
To be in heaven on this day
Won’t you be saved today

In response to the daily prompt

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