Every week it seemed we would watch it
They brought tears to our laughing eyes
Archie and Edith went at it
“Stifle yourself” was his cry

We all have some traits in our lives
That we’d like to get rid of each day
But the only real way we can do that
Is to stifle it in every way

For me it was sin that detered me
Then I heard Jesus paid the price
He died on the cross for my pardon
Now I offer to you this advice

If you’re wand’ring through life without hope
And it seems you can’t stifle your fear
Just call out to Jesus for rescue
If your honest you will catch His ear

Ask Him for His forgiveness
For the sin that has plagued our past
Ask Him to be the Lord of your life
Then enter His rest at last


In response to the daily prompt Stifle

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