Don’t Delay

Do you think it strange
That I would spend all my days
Giving Him praise
With all of my heart

If you could believe
What the Lord’s done for me
Then you would see
That my love won’t depart

He took my sins as black as night
And made me white as snow
He took my sickness and disease
And made me fully whole
He took my sorrow and my fear
And filled my heart with joy
He took my doubt and left His faith
His love has overflowed

He changed my trembling into peace
He showered me with His dear grace
His mercy forgave my disgrace
Oh what a friend He is
Oh what a friend He is

I hope you now see
What the Lord has done for me
Because His love is real
And it’s for you today

If you will believe
Then you can truly receive
All that’s He’s done for me
Don’t delay
There’s a way
Be blessed today
And give Him praise

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