The Greatest Journey

We all know great explorers who set out on a task
To search uncharted waters and place them on a map
They travelled far to lands unknown with zeal and courage grand
Many who set out would die in far off foreign lands

Columbus comes to mind as he crossed the ocean vast
Most thought the world was flat and he would never last
Magellan set his sails to go across Pacific heights
He lost his life in Philippines to many tribal knives

Vespucci learned that big Brazil was not east Asia land
It was indeed a new found place a separate continent
Marco Polo travelled out to South America.
The courage shown by all these men goes way beyond compare

But the greatest journey of all time did not start on this earth
It started up in heaven from the throne room of the Lord
When God said Son it’s time to go and rescue all mankind
You’ll come in as a little babe, and in the end you’ll die

The angels worshipped at His feet. The elders sang His praise
He had been exalted since the creation of all days
Now He’d go to earth to become a common man
The journey would be long and hard a cross would be His end

What an expedition. What a selfless act
To take a journey from the throne to stripes upon His back
He knew where he was going and what would come to pass
He knew that He would save mankind by hanging on that cross

He took the stripes upon His back to heal all our dis-ease
He took the thrones upon His brow so we could have His peace
He took the nails in feet and hands so we would not be bound
He took the spear into his side so victory would be found

And when He said forgive them the words rang loud and clear
The sins were washed away from everyone who hears
He calls those words today from His royal throne above
He wants to be your Savior so you could know His love

Yes the greatest journey ever was to ransom you and I
The Son of God came to this earth to live and then to die
His death bought your salvation from the ravages of sin
When He rose He made a place for you to live with Him

The greatest journey you can take is to His cross today
To bow before His majesty and give your life away
You need not know your future or the plans He has for you
One step then another is all you have to do

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