He Is Your Sacrifice

I can’t imagine heaven

Beyond what I can read

A paradise unlike

Any that I’ve ever seen

Prepared from the beginning

For those who find the way

And no one knows when Jesus

Will declare “This is the Day”


Way back in the beginning

The Father had a plan

He created all this earth

And then He made a man

But man’s seed became sinful

When he chose to disobey

And God chose Cherubim

To block our access to the way


Many centuries went by

Before a virgin heard the call

The Holy Ghost descended

And His seed produced a child

They named the child Jesus

He was born to save the world

He taught men of the Father

And healed them with His words


He was hated by the leaders

For the people all loved Him

So, the leaders of the day

Decided He they should condemn

They beat and crucified Him

As He hung His blood dripped down

Then He died before they killed Him

And they buried Him in the ground


Before He went He told us

That He was the Way

And that no one came to God

Unless they came through Him by prayer

His blood would cleanse their sins

And bring healing for disease

And because He rose again

He gave us life eternally


Those who have accepted Him

Will make heaven their home

We’ll dance upon the streets of gold

Never more to roam

If you have not accepted Him

And His wondrous gift of life

Any not ask Him in today

He is your sacrifice.

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