What A Change!

I have long been searching

For fulfillment in my life

As a child the toys and play would fit the bill

Then my friends would fill my life

But I always needed more

And I searched both in the dale and up the hill


I turned to drugs and alcohol

Thinking this would be the way

Girls were thrown into the mix quite often too

But the more I went that  way

The more I needed more

I just nver got enough to make me full


Then I met Jesus, and all that changed

Every need I had He did supply

His mercy forgave all my misgivings

And His grace has sated every thing inside


I  no longer need to search for my fulfillment

Because all that I need is in His love

If today your life is wandering, not sated

Then why not look to Jesus up above!


In response to the daily prompt Sated

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