Don’t Be Psychotic!

Life is full of ups and downs

And ins and outs

And all arounds

It can be so chaotic

We almost get psychotic


But Jesus changes evrything

The joy and peace I found

Keep my life real sound

He loves me oh so much

And I can feel His touch


Do you know Him and His grace

Do you know His love today

If not, dont wait

It’s not too late

Ask Him in your heart today

And bid chaos goodbye!



In response to the daily prompt Chaotic

3 thoughts on “Don’t Be Psychotic!

  1. Mike B.

    Pete, I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving! Having so much to be thankful for, I ask God, in the Spirit of love and thanksgiving to give you strength in your battle and if it be his will, to heal you completely. I am very thankful for God’s gift of your writing and music and that you may continue to share your love and praise for him through these gifts. God bless you!

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