Hold Me Jesus

Hold me Jesus

Hold me close

In your loving arms

Keep me safe

From any danger

Keep me from all harm


Touch me Jesus

Touch me now

Heal me from this pain

Make me whole

In mind and body

Give me health again


You are such a merciful Savior

Always doing good for me

I can trust that all that happens

Is ordained so I can be

All that you would have me be.


Teach me Jesus

Teach me truth

From your Holy Word

Give me wisdom

Give me knowledge

So your truth I can discern


Guide me Jesus

Guide me now

On the proper path

Let me know

If I should wander

Bring me home at last


You are such a loving Savior

Always doing for my good

I can trust each day you give me

Will bring me right where it should


Glory be to you, sweet Jesus

Praise your mighty, holy name

I will worship you forever

Holy, Holy is your name

Holy, Holy is your name

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