A New Catch

When I was a kid, the water

Was one place I liked to play

Catching bullfrogs, skippping rocks

Was how we spect our day


And one more thing consumed our time

And sent us ’round the town

The thirll of catching one big fish

That I could call my own.


Iit wasn’t easy work too do

Those fish would fight real hard

To be quite honest, I was not

A fishermann at heart..


So fishing is a memory

That I don’t live today

The thought of stannding, waiting

Just doesn’t make my day.


However there’s anothe kind

Of fishing that I know

This kind is something I  can do

Wherever I might go


Jesus came to save me

And to set me free indeed

But He alos had a plan for me

To help find those in need.


He said I’d be a fisherman

The lost would be the catch

So now I fish ’bout every day

And hope someone to bless





In response to the daily prompt Fish

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