Wonder or Wander?

When I was young I’d wander

Through life with little hope

The many days I squandered

Kept me on a slippery slope


My soul was caught in trouble

My mind was bent on fun

I sought drink on the double

I thought my days were done


I had no cares of future

I partied day and night

Then I became a searcher

And wandered toward the Light


The Light, I learned, was Jesus

I learned He died for me

I asked Him for forgiveness

From sin, I was set free


Now I wonder at His mercy

I marvel at His grace

One day to heav’n He’ll take me

And I will see His face


From wandering to wondering

This change brought peace and joy

There is no more meandering

My life I now enjoy


fI you are wondering through life

And wonder what to do

Why not give Him all your strife

And new life He’ll give you?

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