I Hear His Name

I hear His name

His Mighty name

It thunders through the sky

The angel chorus

Sings His praise

Hosanna from on high


His name is Healer

With His power

He can heal all pains

Broken hearts

And wounded souls

Arise to live again


His name is Savior

From sins dead grasp

He brings us out of chains

Our sin is washed

As white as snow

He frees us from our shame


His name is Counselor

His word is truth

He guides me every day

His Holy Spirit

Teaches me

To follow in His ways


I hear His name

His Glorious name

His praise flows from my lips

I can’t contain

His mighty name

I long wo worship Him


His name is Jesus

Lord of Lords

And King of Kings is He

His mercy reaches

Down from heaven

And touches even me


His name is Jesus

Friend of mine

He’s always there for me

He lives within me

Every day

He gives me joy and peace

I sing His praise

I sing His name

I love to worship Him

I lift my voice

And lift my hands

With my praise offering


Worthy, worthy

Is the Lamb

Worthy of my praise

I will lift Him

Up today

And praise His mighty name

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