The Coming Storm

Winds are swirling

Seas are churning

Storm is drying near

Windows boarded

Food is hoarded

Forecast bringing fear


Time is wasting

Storm’s approaching

Skies are growing black

Rain starts falling

Wind is howling

No time to turn back


We see the forecast looming

And prepare for what’s to come

Anticipate the worst case

And hope for much more calm


And when the storm has passed

And the skies all start to clear

We start the lengthy clean-up

That will last throughout the year


But a different storm is coming

One that has no warning signs

It’s a promise in the Bible

And it’s getting close to time


Jesus will return soon

To take His children home

And once we all leave with Him

You won’t want to be alone


But today you can prepare

For this day that’s coming soon

If a storm you will prepare for

Why not the coming doom?


Just ask Jesus to be Lord

And repent of all your sin

He will come and save your soul

And come to live within

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