Your Choice

Riots in the street

Mass murderers multiplying

Corruption in politics

Moral values declining

Where is it all leading?


Church is not important

But party and getting high are

What was taboo is now protected

A pure life won’t get you far

Where is it all leading?


The end is now near

To me is quite obvious

There are many out there

Who are so oblivious


The bible is clear

When times like these come

Our Lord will appear

And take the saints home


Will you be among

Those taken away

Or will you be left out

With all those who stay?

In response to the daily prompt Obvious

3 thoughts on “Your Choice

  1. Charlotte Spolar

    I Pray that people don’t wait to long to Repent or it maybe to late.
    We don’t know the time or hour our Precious Lord will come.
    Be ready!!

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