The Requirement

What does the Lord require of me?

How can I know His will for me?

What does He ask that I should see?

Lord, help me know your plan


First we must do the things that are just

So that others will know we are men of trust

For our principles we will not adjust

Just to win one more friend or two.


Then we show mercy to all we meet

For Jesus showed mercy to us in our need

We must pass on His mercy to all that we greet

To be what He wants us to be


And last but not least, the most difficult part

We must walk with a humble and lowly heart

Putting others before self in all regards

So His light will shine through me


These words are not new, but from ages past

The old prophet Amos did speak them first

And for these three things we all should thirst.

As this is the will of God for me.


I pray you will heed these words this day

Do justly, love mercy, walk humbly I pray

For these are the words that the prophet did say

Are requirements of our God.

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