Jesus, You Are

Jesus, what a wonder

You put the stars in place

Separated earth and sky

Set the sun in space

Brought up food from fertile ground

Spoke and animals abound

Jesus, what a wonder you are


Jesus, your incredible

Came to earth a babe

Left your throne in glory

In a manger lay

Shepherds bowed in worship

Wise men brought great gifts

Jesus, how incredible you are


Jesus, your amazing

Ministered three years

Walked among the people

Joy flowed out in tears

Lowly men would hear Him

Learned men turned from Him

Jesus, how amazing you are


Jesus, you are mercy

Died upon the cross

Gave your life so freely

Paid such a big cost

Ransomed me from all my sin

Then you brought me peace within

Jesus, you are mercy to me


In all the ways of time and space

There’s no one who can take your place

I long to be in your embrace

Safe from any harm


So I will praise your mighty name

You ransomed me, Your name I’ll raise

For all the marvels you have made

Your worth is more than life

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