Before the Light

So very long ago

Our whole earth was void

Darkness filled each crevice and the air

But God said Light appear

And darkness had to flee

As in the light the darkness disappears


We all are born in darkness

just like this little earth

And slowly light is added as we grow

Learning brings us knowledge

And knowledge brings us light

And on those subjects darkness has to go


But essentially the main thing

Is to shed the light on our sin

So darkness doesn’t rule our hearts and souls

Jesus is the only Light

That can win this darkness fight

We must apply His blood by faith and we will know


Jesus is the Light

That God spoke into Darkness

Way back in the book of Genesis

Before the sun and moon

And even the stars above

This Light became the light of the world


And still today He shines

Forgivigs all mankind

If they will simply ask Him in their hearts

So free yourself from Sin

and Ask Him to come in

And let His light be shown into your heart
Response to the Daily Prompt Darkness

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