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No Contest

I sit and wonder why, Lord
Do people not choose thee
When they hear you’ve paid the price
From sin to set them free

Down here they feel so happy
And they think it’s the best
But if they just choose you today.
They would be richly blessed

In this life they party
Thinking all of life’s a game
If you would fill them with your joy
They’d never be the same

And when the party’s over
And the happiness is gone
They sit their all alone and wonder
When some peace will come

But I can tell them truly
That the peace that Jesus gives
Will permeate  their soul each day
As long as they shall live

You ask me how I know these things
So I’ll tell you here and now
‘Twas not that long ago my friend
That I refused to bow

I loved the party life at night
But hated waking up
My mind was filled with torment
My thoughts were so corrupt

It took at least 10 times
For me to head His call
But when I did, He kept His word
And gave to me His all

He blesses me each day
With His presence,  oh so sweet
He fills my heart with joy
Happiness just can’t compete

His peace is so remarkable
It soothes me every day
And His love is unforgettable
He walks along my way

But most of all His mercy
Is always reaching me
And His grace is so amazing
As it works to keep me free

You see it really is no contest
What the best life is
So why not turn your life around
And make your heart be His.

Touch The Lord

I see the Lord

Most every day

He’s right beside me

As I pray

He walks with me

Along the way

He’s everywhere I go


When I see someone

Steeped in pain

I see the Lord

Inside of Him

I go and pray

That health would win

And I have touched my Lord


If someone’s feeble

In their home

And I go visit

When their alone

They brighten up

That someone comes

And I have touched my Lord


Jesus said that when we touch

One of His children, him we touch

He asks us to go out of our way

To make a difference in the world today


If one’s in prison

For their crime

And I go visit

And give my time

It cheers them up

They glad I came

And I have touched my Lord


Do you see Jesus

As you walk

In other people

In the park

He’s right there

Inside their heart

Waiting for a touch


Open your eyes

To others needs

And soon you’ll see

Their needs are real

It’s up to you

To help them heal

Your time to touch the Lord

Lending the Light

A birthday cake is always fun

When children are involved

Their faces will light up the room

As the we sing a familiar song


The candle count goes with their years

They are lit and shining bright

The light reflects in the child’s eyes

As they blow them out of sight


But much more important is the light

That my candle shines each day

The love of Jesus in my heart

Must show others the way


And I must guard real closely

That it never gets blown out

Because that child depends on me

To know what God’s about


Keep your candle burning

Let it always lend it’s light

To those who need a Savior

Let it shine both day and night




In response to the daily prompt  Candle

A Little Smoother Now

I used to be clumsy with speech

I’d juggle and mess up my words

I liked to talk

And I wouldn’t balk

At saying things really absurd


I joined a group called Toastmasters

They taught me to speak really well

I now had a voice

And made the right choice

Of which words to use – it is swell!



Now I can speak so much smoother

I can share what’s important to me

The Lord Jesus Christ

Has transformed my life

And He wants to set you free!



In response to the daily prompt Clumsy

Made to Make a Difference

You travel through life a day at a time

Trying to find your way

It seems you are not getting anywhere fast

As you tackle life every day

Then you meet Jesus, and you ask Him to com

Into your heart to stay

And now you feel there’s a purpose to life

So you start to ask as you pray.


Lord, why have I had so many hurts

And difficult times in my life

Why have I faced such a series of tests

That have brought me a good deal of strife

And God answers back that now you’re prepared

To help others with things in their life

Because your an original, one of a kind

But what you have learned helps mankind


So get out and share your experiences

And see who wil heed your call

What you  have gone through will help many come

And answer the Masters call


In response to the daily prompt Original

Proceed With Caution

I  used to never be careful

About what I said or did

I just had fun and I partied

And most of my life was hid


But then I made Jesus my Savior

And He asked much more of me

He asked me to be His disciple

And live a life for His glory


So I put aside all of the parties

And I watched every word that I said

I wanted to glorify Jesus

And not bring reproach to His name


Now I know it’s hard to be perfect

In all that we say and do

So I will proceed with caution

As I witness to  all the world




In response to the daily prompt Careful

Thoroughly Broken






Life out of control
That was me

Mind wasted
Body tested
Stomach molested
What a mess
Thoroughly Broken was I

An old friend
A new story he told
About Jesus
Died just for me
On a tree

I asked Him In
Breakthrough to win
He is mine
I no longer was bound
He changed my life
Now I’m thoroughly alive
And I walk with Him all the time

In response to the daily prompt Breakthrough