It’ A Wonderful Life

I have been restored
  like an old jalopy
    dusted off
      polished up
        engine rebuilt
         all original parts
           running smoothly
            a classic, priceless

I have been redeemed
    like a magazine coupon
     clipped out
       set apart
         brought out of the dark at just the right time
	 given to the one who gives worth to it
              at no cost of my own
                freely given

I have been delivered
   like a letter in the mailbox
     from one place to another
       from my old place to a new place
         a place where I am free
           free from the shackles of my old life
	  brought into a new life
	   a new creation

I have been sanctified
  set apart
    no longer the same
      cleaned up
       made righteous
         filled with the Holy Spirit
          filled with fruit and gifts
           like a horn of plenty on Thanksgiving
	  I have all I need

I am a new creature in Christ
  The old man is gone
    The new man lives by His grace
      He guides me
       He ha a plan for me
        He heals me
         redeems me
           restores me
            delivers me 
             and sanctifies me
 	    I am His
                He has mine

It’s a wonderful life!

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