Rescue Me

I'm fighting an enemy I can't see
My mind and my flesh fight against me
I'm tossed about like a ship in the sea
I need someone to rescue me

Why is it so hard to walk the straight path
Without the trials and tests that I have
Why can’t there be a peace that will last
When these storms seem to always come back

I pick up your word and look for the light
You say don't be anxious amidst the fight
Just pray and give thanks in the darkest nights
That's when my peace will erase your plight 

So, I bow my head and fall on my knees
I surrender to you, Lord, and I ask you please
Take this storm away and rescue me
Out of the harsh and wind tossed seas

You say my child I will rescue you
But this storm is one that you must go through
You’ll be amazed at what I will do
When all is done it will strengthen you

Then I lift my hands and I give Him praise
For I know there’s a light at the end of this day
This battle is one where He’ll make a way
And this enemy will go away

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