The Right Path

I loved to play a part or two with the Iowa River Players
They put on stage plays several times a year
For many years my wife and I filled roles that made us smile
And sometimes they would also bring a tear

These roles were usually fun to play and kept us very busy
It stole a lot of time away from home
It also took away from spending time alone with God
And that is when my mind began to roam

I went a long way off the path where I should not have gone
I found myself destroying my own life
Then I remembered the dramatic way that Jesus came
And took all of my deathly sins away

He was beaten close to death by a Roman soldiers scourge
His flesh was ripped with wounds on back and chest
A cruel crown of thorns was placed upon His head
He was beaten, spited on and mocked in jest

All His followers denied Him as they called out crucify
He carried His own cross to Calvary
Nails pierced through hands and feet as they hung Him to a tree
Then He breathed His last and died for you and me

He died to free us from our sin and heal us from our pain
He died to reconcile us to God
The He rose again to give us all eternity with Him
He proved to all that He had overcome

Now we all have a choice to accept the price He paid
And become the sons of God he called us to
This is what has brought me back to the path I am now on
And the path that I am praying is for you

In response to the daily prompt

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