My Conclusion

When I think of the fact that water and ice
Are made from two gases that meet and splice
I can’t help but wonder how they first met
And decided their union would be complex

When I think of how stars form a pattern in space
As the wander around from place to place
I can’t help but wonder how it came to be
That they would give guidance to sailors at sea

So many questions have flooded my mind
Of incredible things that have happened through time
I have made the conclusion that satisfies me
There’s a God up in heaven who makes this all be

Our God in heaven sent us His own Son
He died on a cross to redeem everyone
The curse of sin broken by His sacrifice
Death is defeated by eternal life.

Do you live with this incredible gift
Have you accepted what only God gives
Ask Him today to forgive your sins
Then He will pardon and live within


In response to the daily prompt

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