The Believers Life


Casey’s is big here and so’s Kum and Go
These stores seem to pop up wherever we go
We stop and get gas and goodies to eat
Even though the prices are not hard to beat

It costs a bit more but we don’t much mind
Because it satisfies our needs every time
We come and we go with relative ease
Not like a Walmart which is never a breeze

It’s also convenient to let our life slide
Not caring that your sin is wasting inside
Don’t be accountable to anyone
Just do your own thing and life will be fun

But this will cost you much more than these stores
This convenience will cost you eternities woes
For heaven’s reserved for those who repent
And acknowledge the Son whom God has sent

Don’t take the wide road where this life will lead
Enter the narrow gate down on your knees
Ask the Lord Jesus to reign in your life
Then your true soul will be satisfied

In response to the daily prompt

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