The Day of Salvation

I dreamed I was rising to heaven
Jesus waited for me in the clouds
He had come back just as He promised
The trumpet had sounded aloud

I could see others rising beside me
All colors and ages were there
This day we had all been awaiting
When we would meet our dear Lord in the air

Then I looked for my friends and my neighbors
There were many making the flight
But several were not rising with me
I feared they had not seen the light

They had not asked the Lord to forgive them
Of the sins that He died for that day
They had not asked Him to be their Savior
They had not followed in His way

I know I had told them the good news
That Jesus had died for their sins
But they never decided for certain
Thinking there would be time in the end

For a moment a sadness was present
At knowing they were left behind
But His joy quickly came in and calmed me
As His presence filled up my mind

I hope if you’re reading this poem
That Jesus is Savior and Lord
If not take a moment this instant
To give Him your heart and your soul

For we don’t know the hour or the moment
When He comes there will be no more time
Today is the day of salvation
It is time to make up your mind

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