Tell it Like It Is

Living in this world has it’s moments

When it seems everything goes wrong

As a Christian if I witness with my comments

Theres a chance I won’t be free for very long


Because the Bible says that sin is only covered

By the blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God

And when we accept ths Son and are converted

We must turn away from sin amd walk with God


If I dare proclaim that sin is sin to some

There are those who’d say I’m speaking out of hate

And they would love to make a martyr of me

Because they don’t want to leave their sinful ways


It matters not what they might do to harm me

My calling is to preach the word of God

So excuse me if I follow what He tells me

I would rather follow Him than man’s applause




In response to the daily prompt Martyr

2 thoughts on “Tell it Like It Is

  1. thoughtsnlifeblog

    Great Piece, deep. In a world where it is easier to do wrong and be blind, to proclaim an untruth as untruth – is like banging your head on brick wall, as the other wishes to be blind. But, at the same time, to spread the word with diplomacy that one day – one day – they awake!



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