Precious Gifts

When I came to Jesus and asked Him to save

I knew I had little to give

He took what I had, and washed it away

And gave in return precious gifts


I gave Him my sorrows for all of the things

That I never seem to do right

He gave me His joy, unspeakable joy

Oh what a sheer delight


I gave Him my troubles, and many they were

They compass me every day

He gave me His peace, a peace so complete

Too wonderful to explain


I gave Him my doubts, and the fears in my life

They buried me in deep despair

He gave me His faith, so that mountains would move

If I’d call to Him in prayer


I gave Him my hurts, my aches and my pains

It seems they’re new every day

He gave me His healing, complete and secure

He heals me in every way


I gave Him my thoughts that the future was bleak

That nothing was there in the end

He gave me His hope, eternally sure

Now I know I will see Him again


I gave Him my life and my heart and my soul

It seemed I had messed them all up

He gave me salvation, and new life began

I’m free from all that can corrupt


These precious gifts, and so many more,

His mercy and grace has supplied

I just go to Him, and lay them all down

And He gives to me a new lfe.

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