Here’s Jesus

If it’s kindness you seek, here’s Jesus
There’s no better friend than Him
He’ll hold your hand
And give you a plan
And He’ll take away your sin

If it’s joy that you need, here’s Jesus
His joy is abundant and free
He’ll lift you up 
He’ll fill your cup
With blessings beyond all your dreams


If it’s peace that you lack, here’s Jesus

He’ll wipe out your doubts and fears

He’ll carry you through

The storms that may brew

And settle you heart through the years


Jesus is here

Right by your side

Walking with you every day

So be of good cheer

And in Him abide

His presence will show you the way


If it’s love you desire, here’s Jesus

His love is a treasure most pure

It dwells deep inside

And carries my life

Through anything I must endure


His mercy and grace are abundant

Amazing beyond all our dreams

I cannot repay

These gifts that He gave

When He sacrificed all on that tree


I owe Him my life and my purpose

The least I can do is give praise

For all that He’s done

My victory won

And now every day, here’s Jesus

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