After The Blessing

After the blessing is over

After your song is gone

How do you act in the valley

When all is said and done?


When you are not on the mountain

But falling into the abyss

How do you lift yourself upward

And handle the times such as this?


There’s no better time to praise Him

For the mercy He’s shown to you

He never will leave you hopeless

He sees everything you do


He’ll walk through that valley with you

And pull you up from the abyss

So don’t be distraught or down hearted

He’s there for a time such as this


Remember He died for your sins

And He rose to give eternal life

The stripes on His back bring you healing

And His peace will forever abide


He gives you the air that you breath

And He waters the earth with His rain

The sun light is there at His pleasure

And He brings them again and again


There is no lacking in His sweet mercy

Or the grace that He shows you each day

So forget what you think of as blessings

The lesser things here are His way


And please never cease to praise Him

Even when through the valley you go

For your praises will lift up your spirit

More than you’ll ever know.

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