You’re Welcome

There are so many times

I say Thank You Lord

For the wonderful things you have done

But oft I’m so busy

Giving Him thanks

That I don’t listen to His response


I think, if I’d listen

To hear His soft voice

The words He would say would be clear

He would once again

Tell me of His great love

As He whispers these words in my ear


Your welcome to my peace

More peace then you’ve ever known

I’ll shower it on you each day

So you’ll never feel alone


Your welcome to my joy

That bubbles up from deep within

Though trials may come in your life

My joy will help you to win


Your welcome to my healing

For sickness and heartache and pain

You no longer have to suffer

My healing will touch you again


Your welcome to my mercy

I extend it to you each day

I paid the punishment for your sin

So you can be free from your shame


Your welcome to my grace

I desire to bless you so much

By faith take the gifts that I give you

Allow me your life to touch


I feel He would go on and on

Welcoming me to His love

The list of His blessings is endless

He showers them down from above


So the next time I thank Him, I’ll listen

To see if these words He will say

And then I will take time to praise Him

Day after day after day

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