You Are My Way

You are my way
My only way to heaven
It is a narrow way
A straight way
Following this way is hard
It requires discipline
And obedience
The world prefers the broad way
Where they can make their own rules
Follow their own path
Do their own thing
They think they are doing good
But they are headed for destruction
You are the way
The way that was blocked in Genesis
By Cherubim and Seraphim
The way to the Tree of Life
Eternal life
There is no other way
Jesus is my way
He is your way
Follow Him
Let Him lead you every day
Let His words guide you
Let His Spirit show you where to step
One step at a time
His footprints and yours
Or sometimes just His
When He carries you
I will trust Him every step
I will follow His rules
I will give Him my life
As a living sacrifice
For He is my way

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