Where Would I Be

If God were not merciful where would I be
I’m guessing I’d be dead for sin would kill me
My body would be buried under a tree
But my soul would be bound for hell

If God did not shed His grace where would I be
Most likely I would be without my family
I’d still be bound by the things that thrill me
Running around for the thrills

If God did not give His peace where would I be
Daily my worries would put fear in me
My hair would be gray and I would not be free
Most likely I’d hide in my shell

If God did not give me hope where would I be
I’d live for today and have constant parties
I would not care what tomorrow might bring
I certainly would not fear hell

If God did not live me where would I be
Lost in the depths of a sinful sea
Waves would be crashing in around me
And I would be bound for hell

Oh God you are merciful beyond degree
Your grace peace and hope are all around me
Your love reached my soul and has set me free
Now heaven is truly my home

I thank you dear Lord for setting me free
I thank you that I do not have to worry
I thank you that you sent your Son for me
Now I will live just for you

Your Choice

We are not robots
Not programmed for life
Not controlled by another
Not hard wired to a specific task
Not bound to a certain set of rules
Not mindlessly obedient

We are human beings
Determined to our own way
Free to choose our destiny
Free to decide our path
Free to walk where we want to walk

God created us
To love Him
But to make our own choice
Salvation is free
But not mandatory
You can choose
Heaven or hell
It’s up to you
What will you choose

In response to the daily prompt



Time for a Choice

Oh what pleasures this world gives
Of what happiness I can live
Oh how silly is all of this
When you think of eternity

Life here on earth is time for choice
Ephemeral earth will be destroyed
We all will end with the sound of one voice
The judgment of God will arrive

And all who have chosen Christ as their Lord
Will end up in heaven their crowns will adorn
But those who rejected the one I adore
Will spend all their days in hell

I beg you today to make up your mind
Because this life determines life for all time
Once dead there is chance to change your mind
Choose Jesus and you will be saved

In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/10/29/your-daily-word-prompt-ephemeral-October-29-2018/

Every Day Counts

We’ve all been given so many years
So many tears will we shed
Our life on this earth
Begins with our birth
And lasts until this flesh is dead

After this flesh has expired
Eternity waits just ahead
How we’ve behaved
Determines our fate
Heaven’s joy or a hell we would dread

Every day counts
Every word relates
Every action has been written down
If you’ve gone amiss
Think hell does not exist
In hell’s fire you’ll eventually drown

There is only one way to escape
From the fury of hell that awaits
Trust Jesus today
He’s the only way
To make heaven you’re home that day

Down on your knees
Repent of your sin
Ask for forgiveness
Ask Jesus in
Into your heart
Confess Him as Lord
Believe He arose
And go sin no more

Every day counts
Every word relates
Every action has been written down
If you’ve gone amiss
But then you’ve confessed
Heaven’s doors will await with a crown

Two Paths

I saw two paths before me both led a different way
Yet both looked so enticing the choice was mine to make
The first road led to pleasure in things this life could bring
I saw the people walking as funny songs they’d sing

Songs of playing games and of being insincere
Songs of being free to travel anywhere
No restriction hindered them there were no big mistakes
Fun was all they cared for this earth was their escape

The second path was harder demanding me to yield
To a greater force outside me that followed certain rules
The people walking this path seemed calm and free
They had a joy about them their peace was plain to see

The first path seemed to call me so carefree and so fun
The pleasures were everything I’d done
The second path was waiting for me to give my life
All my earthly lust would be sacrificed

Suddenly I got a glimpse at where the roads would end
My eyes were opened to the fact that this was not pretend
The choice I had to make would stamp my destiny
The roads both led to life for all eternity

The first road led to fire and horror at its worst
Once this life was over all pleasure would be lost
The second led to harmony with love that filled the air
No suffering or sadness would ever be found there

Two paths are waiting for you two paths you stand before
Pleasure for a moment or peace forevermore
These paths stretch out before you please make no mistake
The choice is up to you which road will you take

Our Destiny

The masks come out to hide the face
The costumes all are put in place
The pumpkins carved and lights ablaze
It’s Halloween again

The horror movies play all day
To honor fright and death’s decay
We laugh and cringe at such displays
It’s Halloween again

But there is something all must know
The scary thing is many don’t
That one day death will take its toll
Do you know where you’ll go

On one side hell is open wide
Where demons dwell and Satan hides
If we do not know Jesus Christ
This is our destiny

A lake of fire is the scene
Fire and brimstone in between
Our bodies there will shout and scream
For all eternity

But those are who’ve asked for God’s true grace
Who’ve trusted that Christ took their place
He has all their sin erased
They will be heaven bound

A robe of righteousness they’ll wear
The saints of old all gathered there
No more sickness, death or tears
Forever in His arms

Have you made the choice today
That God’s true Word you will obey
Ask Jesus to be Lord today
The choice is up to you

In response to that daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/10/13/your-daily-word-prompt-scary-October-13-2018/

A Plan For You

Do you feel like you are on this earth just to pass the time?
Do you think that this is all there is and there’s no reason why?
Do you think that once this life is o’er what’s left is just to die?
Is that what you’ve been listening to all of your life?

I’m here to tell you differently and help your eyes to see
There really is a plan for you there’s more for you to be
Don’t let this world beguile you to thinking you’re not free
To give your all and serve the Lord on High

For He’s the one that will determine where you go from here
You’re life will not be over once you shed that final tear
There’s heaven to gain and hell to shun the time is drawing near
Today accept the Savior Jesus Christ

In response to the daily prompt


Heaven’s Delight

He God commanded the Light to shine
The first day of creation
The fourth day the Sun moon and stars were made
He placed each in their station

So what was the Light that He made first
The one that He spoke into being
It was the Word of God come to illuminate all
From the darkness that had been reigning

Still today the sun moon and stars do shine
Dividing the day and the night
The first Light is still there to show us the way
From hell fire to heaven’s delight

Look to the Light of the World today
Jesus Christ the Word made flesh
He’ll take all your sorrows and sins away
And cover you with His grace


In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/09/07/your-daily-word-prompt-illuminate-september-7th-2018/


The Right Course

I can run out of gas
I can run out of food
I can run out of time
I can spend like a fool

I can use all my senses
And lose them as well
I can waste this great life
And go straight to hell

But I cannot deplete the love of God
He has so much grace for me
When I think all His lost
He says I paid the cost
His great love has set me free

Lord, help me to lose my own life
So that I can start living yours
Because this life is like a vapor
I want to be on the right course



In response to the daily prompt Deplete


Grass dusted with dew
Dawn coming in view
Stars glittering bright
Moon absent from light

Birds greeting the day
Leaves falling like rain
Breeze gentle and cool
Freeze coming real soon

Marvel at His creation
Wonder that’s ever-changing
One day differs from others
All as a gift from the author

Precious each passing moment
Our job to be a witness
All who love this creation
Need to know their situation

Heaven or hell does await them
Their choice determines the outcome
Choose Christ and His wondrous mercy
Or fall to the depths of pure misery

He’ll make you a new creation
When you give Him your life without caution
Repent of your sin
Ask Jesus in
He’ll build you a mansion in heaven

Marvel at His creation
He’s made you an heir to His glory
Love, peace, joy and hope
Will fill up your home
As you tell His marvelous story