Bright sunshine blisters the evening shy
As temperatures soar higher than high
Humidity drops and no rain in sight 
And I start to wonder what hell will be like

The Bible says the lake of fire will be
Our fierce abode for eternity
They'll be no respite from all of heat
Hotter then hot there will be no sleep

We'll search but nowhere will water be found
As ants and worms come up from the ground 
Our bodies they'll cover like they were ground
They'll feast on our flesh but we'll still be around

No death will help us escape this place
No way will there be to find an escape
There'll be no more pardon, no mercy, no grace
We'll be forever in this lonely space

Your only chance to avoid this fate 
Is to trust in Jesus before its too late
Repent of your subs and call in His name
Then you will find that you have been saved

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