Miracle Child

 The young girl was praying on bended knee saying Lord I will follow wherever you lead
 With this child my family will send me away ‘til the day the baby is born.
 The young man asked why he should still love the lass when the child she carried he knew was not his
 All the world would mock her and treat her as dirt and the hurt would never return
 But the Angel had told them the child would be theirs that He would be special and they should not care
 How the world would respond to this miracle child 
 So they trusted in the Lord.  Yes they trusted in the Lord.
 They called His name Jesus, Emmanuel
 Ki-ing of all kings, Lord of all
 Wonderful Savior, Prince of peace
 Emmanuel, God is wi-ith us.
 They followed the road down to Bethlehem where the child would be born, in a manger lay
 And they settled him down in the soft, cool hay and they prayed, giving thanks to the Lord
 Then kings from afar came bearing great gifts and shepherds left flocks just to kneel at His feet
 The star was so bright ‘bove the place where he lay 
 ‘Twas the birthday of the King.  The birthday of the King!
 All heaven rejoiced at the sound of His coming, on earth all was quiet and still
 The child in the manger brought peace to all men, and His message would be of good will

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