Our Offering

His Yoke is easy and His burden is light
He gives joy in the morning and dries tears at night
In our spirit and soul His love shines bright
He’s been so good to me

This yoke is meant to tie us together
So that we will walk step by step
I’m glad that my Lord is stronger than I
When I wander He pulls me back

When I walk step by step with Him
I will always be safe and secure
He’ll guide me to good things each time
Of this I can be very sure

The burden I bear for Him is light
And he wants me to give it away
Each time I spread His great love
It comes back and fills me again

This mercy I carry is pure
It’s a blessing that I must give
His grace is a burden I long for 
Because this world needs to know He forgives

His yoke is easy and His burden is light
Compared to what He bore for me
His yoke was a cross and His burden was sin
When He sacrifice His life for me

The lest I can do is help Him’
Spread the message he came to bring
All can be saved, all can be healed
Because he was our offering.

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