My God Will Rescue You

Cry to the Lord with your prayers
He hears you wherever you are
Tell Him your plans and your dreams
He’ll take you to the stars

Do you need healing today?
Is your body in sickness or pain?
Cry out to Him and be healed
He’ll cover you with His grace

Do you need direction today?
Do you seek to know His will?
Cry out and ask Him to lead
Then just be quiet and still.

Do you need deliverance today?
Does sin have a hold on you?
Repent and turn from your way
My God will rescue you

Do you need understanding today
For decisions that you may face?
Trust that the Spirit will come
With words of assurance and grace

He hears every word you say
He knows every trial and test
Just wait on the Lord and be still
Your prayers always bring His best.

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