Longing To See His Face

Here I sit, wondering, when He will come
Longing to see His face
Until that day coines, I will sit here in faith
Rest in His arms of grace

All of my life has pointed to this
The struggle to find my way
I was lost in a sea of shame and doubt
‘Til my Savior came to stay

He met me when I was adrift in my sin
I did not know which way to turn
Then He cried out to me through the voice of a friend
And I welcomed Him in in return

Oh, the love that I felt that day I gave up
Oh, the peace that flooded my soul
I realized then He’d been there all along
When I finally gave Him control

I’m amazed that He’d love such a wretch like me
All broken and covered with scars
But His mercy reached out and came down from the cross
He accepted me and healed my heart

Now I wait for the hour that He will return
His promise will come true that day
I sit here and lift up my praise to the Lord
Longing to see His face

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