Christ Returns

The Coming King

I heard a bell this morning
It sounded out aloud
And then I saw an angel
Descending in a cloud

He said my name is Gabriel
I come to bring you news
Jesus Christ the Son of God
Is coming back real soon

He will come here suddenly
No warning will be given
In one blink of an eye His children
Will join Him in heaven

From this day forward rest assured
The time is coming near
So let your voice give witness
For all the world to hear

They must all confess their sins
And turn from their foul ways
They must accept Him as their Lord
And do good all their days

A trumpet sounded loud and clear
Then Gabriel spoke these words of cheer
May peace and joy rule all in your heart
And from His grace do not depart

With that He vanished in the air
The clouds he came in disappeared
I bowed my head and said a prayer
That I’d be faithful to declare
The King is coming soon my friend
Make sure your heart is right with Him

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