Effective Prayer

Please Hear My Prayer

I come to you down on my knees
Hoping that you’ll hear my plea
This sin has taken hold of me
Oh Lord please hear my prayer

I’ve tried so hard to let it go
It’s deep inside and does not show
But You can see it this I know
Oh Lord please hear my prayer

It seems you are so far away
My words are lifted everyday
Yet this old sin just seems to stay
Oh Lord please hear my prayer

No longer do I feel your hand
No longer do I understand
Am I still walking in your plan
Oh Lord please hear my prayer

The suddenly your voice I hear
You say my son be of good cheer
My blood has washed away that fear
For I have heard your prayer

Rise up and know my grace is more
My mercy does your heart implore
Now leave your sin there on the floor
Take up your bed and walk

I cry oh thank you Lord and King
Thanks so much for everything
This joy will cause my heart to sing
For you have heard my prayer

Glory to God’s only Son
Jesus Christ the risen one
Praise His name for He has won
Victory over sin

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