Time to Remember

It’s time to remember
What Christ has done for us
When He came down from heaven
To die upon that cross
Too often we forget
The price He paid for us
It’s time to remember
What Christ has done for us

He left His royal throne
To be a mortal man
Leaving all His majesty behind
He left the angels worship
He left His Father’s side
To come to this world and be despised

He walked on this earth
And spoke the truth in love
But leaders of the day all sought His death
Miracles and wonders
Were everywhere He went
Yet They hated Him with fury in their breath

They brought Him to trial
In the middle of the night
They broke their own laws on that fateful night
Accusing Him of blasphemy
Condemning Him to die
They had the trial until the break of light

They beat Him and mocked Him
Then another court was held
This time with more hatred than before
Pilate had Him beaten
His wounds were open wide
His blood was seen by all the watching hoard

They placed a crown of thorns
Upon His weary head
The sharp ends cut into His naked brow
Then they put a robe upon Him
And beat Him with their fists
Before Him they would mock Him as they bowed

They lead Him to Golgotha
His own cross He did bear
He struggled up the hill without a sound
They took the rugged cross
From off His blood-streaked back
And laid Him down upon it on the ground

They took the long hard spikes
And ran them through His hands
Stretched out on the cross that fateful day
They folded up His feet
Then ran a spike through them
Then they dropped the cross down in the hole they’d made

Six agonizing hours
The crowd watched all the while
The sky was darkened from the time of noon
Finally he breathed His last
But not before these words
Forgive them for they know not what they do

These words have passed through time
To every one of us
For Jesus has forgiven every sin
Take time to remember
The price He paid for us
To give each one of us true peace within

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