The Believers Life

Two Paths

I saw two paths before me both led a different way
Yet both looked so enticing the choice was mine to make
The first road led to pleasure in things this life could bring
I saw the people walking as funny songs they’d sing

Songs of playing games and of being insincere
Songs of being free to travel anywhere
No restriction hindered them there were no big mistakes
Fun was all they cared for this earth was their escape

The second path was harder demanding me to yield
To a greater force outside me that followed certain rules
The people walking this path seemed calm and free
They had a joy about them their peace was plain to see

The first path seemed to call me so carefree and so fun
The pleasures were everything I’d done
The second path was waiting for me to give my life
All my earthly lust would be sacrificed

Suddenly I got a glimpse at where the roads would end
My eyes were opened to the fact that this was not pretend
The choice I had to make would stamp my destiny
The roads both led to life for all eternity

The first road led to fire and horror at its worst
Once this life was over all pleasure would be lost
The second led to harmony with love that filled the air
No suffering or sadness would ever be found there

Two paths are waiting for you two paths you stand before
Pleasure for a moment or peace forevermore
These paths stretch out before you please make no mistake
The choice is up to you which road will you take

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