Our Salvation

Our Destiny

The masks come out to hide the face
The costumes all are put in place
The pumpkins carved and lights ablaze
It’s Halloween again

The horror movies play all day
To honor fright and death’s decay
We laugh and cringe at such displays
It’s Halloween again

But there is something all must know
The scary thing is many don’t
That one day death will take its toll
Do you know where you’ll go

On one side hell is open wide
Where demons dwell and Satan hides
If we do not know Jesus Christ
This is our destiny

A lake of fire is the scene
Fire and brimstone in between
Our bodies there will shout and scream
For all eternity

But those are who’ve asked for God’s true grace
Who’ve trusted that Christ took their place
He has all their sin erased
They will be heaven bound

A robe of righteousness they’ll wear
The saints of old all gathered there
No more sickness, death or tears
Forever in His arms

Have you made the choice today
That God’s true Word you will obey
Ask Jesus to be Lord today
The choice is up to you

In response to that daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/10/13/your-daily-word-prompt-scary-October-13-2018/

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