All But Tame

I Dream of Genie was a favorite show
For all my kids when on the grow
The laughed at how she folded arms
Providing good but sometimes harm

Aladdin was a movie name
The genie there was all but tame
He made us laugh and wish that we
Could have a genie just like he

But genie’s will not bring us peace
Joy and hope they can’t release
If you need these and also love
The place to look is God above

He may not fold His arms and blink
He may not work as you would think
But He will fill your life with good
More than a genie ever could


In response to the daily prompt Genie

2 thoughts on “All But Tame

    1. Pete Post author

      So true Mia. We have to learn to accept the answers God gives us and the time that God gives them to us. This will bring great joy and peace when we can learn this lesson

      Liked by 1 person


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