Ease Your Load

The anger I had when I was young
Was nasty and bitter and mean
I’d lash out with words that hurt and bebased
And often I’d say things obscene

Then one day I figured out how wrong I’d been
It’s a day I will never forget
My friend over years did provoke me to change
So I made a move I don’t regret

I asked Jesus to come change my life for the good
I made Him my Savior and Lord
Now my words show His mercy as blessings they give
To all who like kind gentle words

Do you need a change in your life today
Is your anger out of control
Jesus loves you and will answer your call
His blessings will ease your load


In response to the daily prompt Provoke

10 thoughts on “Ease Your Load

  1. isaiah46ministries

    What a wonderful poem. For so long I thought that only fists left scars, but now I know that words do, too. So glad you changed. What a testimony in rhyme! I really like and thank God for your posts. A great way to reach people’s hearts.

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      1. isaiah46ministries

        Yes, I am reading them now, when I should be up cleaning. But the joy and faith in them really touch my soul, and I find that each one speaks to me differently. I will not read all 600, but I wanted to read a few for my soul. Thank you for following our blog. It means do much to Douglas and me. Regina

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Pete Post author

        I’d love to know how you got the categories to appear in the top part of your blog. I would love to do that on my other site. T=he Bible studies would pop up so much easier.


      3. isaiah46ministries

        If you click on Themes and the Customizer, you will see Menu and Content Options, and there you choose new categories or pages. But, if you chat with WordPress by clicking the question at the bottom of the page that shows your blog posts, then they will walk you through it. I am going to your other page.

        Liked by 1 person

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